We are bulk supplier of saxenda and also we offer fast shipping via dhl to several destinations. Inquire now to get more details.


Saxenda weight loss pen

We are bulk supplier of saxenda weight loss pen and also we offer fast shipping via dhl to several destinations.

A box contains 5 pens

Who should not use Saxenda®?
you or any of your family have a history of MTC
you have MEN 2. This is a disease where people have tumors in more than one gland in their body
you are allergic to liraglutide or any of the ingredients in Saxenda®. Symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include: swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat, fainting or feeling dizzy, very rapid heartbeat, problems breathing or swallowing, and severe rash or itching.

How should I use Saxenda?
– Inject your dose of Saxenda weight loss pen® Liraglutide under the skin (subcutaneous injection) in your stomach area (abdomen), upper leg (thigh), or upper arm, as instructed by your health care provider. Do not inject into a vein or muscle
– Never share your Saxenda UK  pen or needles with another person. You may give an infection to them, or get an infection from them

How to use saxenda

Saxenda weight loss pen Price

1 box contains 5 pens
1 box = $200
5-10 boxes = $180 per box
11 – 50 boxes = $150 per box

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